Nov 17, 2007


This blog will provide various information and discussions on interface studies in the field of linguistics.
I roughly define the notion "interface" as interaction between any two components of human language's system; syntax, phonology, semantics and so on. However, I will probably focus on more specific topics, namely, interface studies in Generative linguistics along with my interest.

My interest, specializations and examples of topics are as follows,
-Syntax-Phonology/Morphology/Semantics interface
-Distributed Morphology
-Word formation (lexicon-grammar interface)
-Roles of locality and cyclicity in any components of the grammar
-Status of morphophonological phenomena and phonological component
-Topics on Japanese grammar; conjugation, Case and case, voice, focus particles, modal predicates
...and so on.

Since the beginning of 90', studies on interface have been accelerated by development of two theories in generative linguistics; Minimalist Program and Distributed Morphology. I guess these studies have an impact on general linguistic theories beyond the boundaries of generative grammar.

I will try to collect and organize diverse information on these topics and indicate bases of discussions.

Finally, you know, this small project is also my training of English writing.


K. said...

Congratulations on your new blog! It's so neatly done and the interface-related topics interest me a lot. I look forward to reading your future articles.

Anonymous said...

> k.
Thank you for the first comment.
I wanna discuss various interfaces concerning human languages and linguistic far as my knowledge and writing skill permit.